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The Anatomy of a Golf Swing

The Anatomy of a Golf Swing The golf swing features many parts that must work together to execute a well-struck shot. A golfer must consider the stance, grip, swing and tempo when making a golf swing. Understanding the different aspects of the swing and practicing them on a driving range can be the key to consistently hitting accurate shots and, therefore, posting lower scores.
Grip The golf grip is the way the club is held in the golfer’s hand. For right-handed golfers, the left hand is at the top of the club with the right hand immediately below it. The positioning is reversed for left-handed players. There are three common kinds of grips: the baseball grip, in which both hands grip the club like a baseball bat; the interlocking grip, in which the pinky finger on the bottom hand and the pointer finger on the top hand interlock; and the Vardon grip, an overlapping grip in which the pinky finger of the bottom hand rests in the gap between the pointer finger and middle …
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Amazing Golf Swing's five key skills

Amazing Golf Swing's five key skills

“Let's face it, golfers are pretty spoiled. They’re very spoiled, for the most part. They’ve grown up at a country club, they've usually grown up with some money, and they really haven't had to work for that much in their life. So it's hard for them to really buy in to college golf, because they're so used to being an individual, and everything being catered toward them.”
Josh Gregory, former head golf coach at Southern Methodist University and Augusta State, two-time national champion

A single-minded life isn’t exactly new terrain as far as professional athletes are concerned, but it was still eye-opening to spend a year on the front lines of the PGA Tour and witness just how devoted a golfer must be to his sport—to the exclusion of almost everything else. The player who makes compromises, or who can’t say no to unnecessary demands on his time, is the one who will crack.
I identified five core qualities that alm…

What are the Golf Swing mistakes to avoid?

What are the Golf Swing mistakes to avoid?

With all the moving parts of a golf swing, there are a thousand things that can go wrong. The driving range is a showcase of golf swing mistakes. But many golfers would improve dramatically just by eliminating big mistakes — foundational problems that instantly create a number of follow-on errors.

Here are some of the big mistakes you may be making with your golf swing: Not Warming Up Nothing will ruin your swing faster than trying to hit it 300 yards off the first tee without warming up. It’s more common than you think. This affliction is commonly observed on any local course on Saturday morning. Golfers either think they are too cool to warm up, or they don’t know how. Before the round, work through your bag by taking smooth swings with each club, starting with the wedges and progressing to fairway metals and driver. Limber, loose, warm muscles are the key to a relaxed, powerful swing. Wrong Clubs For some reason, many golfer…

Top 9 Training Aids For A Successful Golf Game

Top 9 Training Aids For A Successful Golf Game  Ever feel like you're not doing enough to help your game? That there might be a better, easier way to improve than countless hours beating bucket after bucket on the range? Well, of course there is. And right now, while much of the country is still gripped in the throes of winter, we asked our Facebook Nation what instruction/training aids they thought were the best to help their respective games. The answers poured in. 
We eagerly acknowledge that nothing takes the place of great instruction from a PGA Professional (and some quality time on the range) but you did provide a great look at some of the best learning tools that are accessible and affordable to the everyday golfer. So without further ado, here's their top answers on what you need to get your swing or stroke fine tuned for the best golf of your life.
9.) Mirror  - Something so simple can provide a large amount of feedback. Most players have no idea how they…

How to analyze your Golf Swing on your own?

How to analyze your Golf Swing on your own? With the quality of the cameras ever improving on smart phones, and apps be designed to help golfers analysis their own swings, it is no wonder that when you look down a driving range these days nearly everyone is constantly videoing their swing.  When I check my students phones it, seems that no practice session is complete without at least 5 swing videos! The question is, does this help players improve their swing and golf?
What most players do not realize is that where you place your phone/camera will greatly change the look of your swing. Almost on a daily bases, players will tell me about a fault in their swing they would like to improve.  One example would be their top of backswing position being across the line (pointing to the right), but when I video their swing, the club is not across the line. Their swing has not changed.  It is exactly the same as when they videoed it themselves, but what has changed is the positi…

Powerful Factors Influencing the Golf Swing Technique

Powerful Factors Influencing the Golf Swing Technique

As a golfer, you might not realize that just a small problem with your swing can lead to a shot that is way off the target line. To achieve the accuracy and yardage you are looking for, it is best to learn the proper swing techniques from the beginning. A PGA teaching pro is the ideal instructor for new golfers and experienced players alike.

Powerful factors that can influence a golf player are: 
1 Posture & alignment
Every shot you play, from driver to wedge, requires good posture and alignment. But with the longer shaft of the driver in your hands, any mistakes here and the results could be disastrous for your scorecard. The biggest mistake with regards to posture I see is an unathletic ‘c’ shaped spine at address where the pelvis is tucked under. It’s almost impossible to make a powerful swing and get the club working on a good path from here. Instead, and to kick off my driver swing tips you should stick your ba…

Golf Swing Evaluation for a Golfer

Golf Swing Evaluation for a Golfer The golf evaluation involves a complete analysis of the golfer's range of motion, strength, flexibility and neuromuscular recruitment patterns as they pertain to his/her golf swing. We will work together with the coach or teaching professional to develop an exercise program that will get your body back into the proper position for an optimal swing. The teaching professional looks at the swing mechanics while our job is to focus on the musculoskeletal assessment. We work together to bring any golfer to his/her individual goal.

Components of the golf swing evaluation:
⦁        Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation of:          - Upper body, spine and lower body          - Assessment of functional range of motion, strength and flexibility          - Assessment of neuromuscular recruitment patterns specific to golf (being able to appropriately turn muscles "on and off" when needed…

Golf swing tips for beginners

Golf swing tips for beginners Golf has grown in popularity in the last decade. Anyone can start the game at any age, and all you need to get started is some good advice about the golf swing. The golf swing is a mechanical process that needs to be perfected and repeated properly each time.
Nice and Easy No matter what you do with a golf swing, you will find that it goes much better when you take it nice and easy. You see professionals taking deep and slow breaths before they strike the ball on an important shot, and there is a reason for this. Your golf swing should be in tempo with your breathing, and that is why professionals attempt to maintain their breathing in important situations. Learn to use your breathing as a tempo indicator with your golf swing and you will find that you can maintain a smooth tempo in any situation. Square to the Target You will hear the phrase "square to the target" frequently if you take golf lessons. It means you want to try to …

Better balance for a better golf swing

Better balance for a better golf swing

Good balance is essential when it comes to hitting solid shots. Yet, I see many amateurs struggle in this area as a result of trying to hit at the ball (instead of making the proper swing) or trying to hit it too hard. Having stability in your lower body through good balance encourages a more synchronized movement between the turning of the body and the swinging of the club, and the result is a more consistent strike.
Any kind of sway as a result of swinging too hard makes it difficult to repeatedly hit solid shots. To improve your balance, try making half swings with your right foot crossed over your left (above). This drill teaches you good balance while emphasizing the ideal blend of arm swing and body turn. You can hit shots with a short iron off a tee from this stance as part of your warm-up. Once you return to your regular stance, you’ll be amazed how balanced and synchronized your swing feels.
At the foundation of every good…

Importance of Posture for a Successful Golf game

Importance of Posture for a Successful Golf game

Modern lifestyles do not allow any significant and regular opportunities for developing fitness. You have to plan it into your daily routine if you are to get fitter. We spend a great deal of time sitting at work or in the car travelling to and from work or travelling to the shop, dropping children to school… the sitting goes on and on.

The consequences of prolonged sitting and poor posture during our work are weak and over stretched muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and tight, shortened muscles. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and this relationship is very evident throughout the joints in the body when we slouch during our daily activities. The result is an imbalance in our posture with some muscles and joints remaining in a shortened or tight position while others are weakened or lengthened.
Our posture is affected by our daily habits. For example, when we sit our hip flexor muscles can be…

Key Elements of a successful golf swing

Key Elements of a successful golf swing Two of the most basic fundamentals of a great golf swing are rhythm and balance. In fact, if these two elements of the swing are implemented correctly, it is still possible to strike the ball successfully even with an unorthodox golf swing.
This very point can be recognized in the swings of LPGA Hall of Fame member Nancy Lopez and PGA Professional Jim Furyk. Both of these players have positions in their golf swings, which for the average player make it very difficult to strike the golf ball with any type of consistency. However, because of tremendous rhythm and balance, they are able to return the club to a perfect position at impact and hit precision shots consistently.

Rhythm can be defined as a flow, movement or a procedure. It is the regularity in tempo. Tempo is the rate of speed at which a person performs their swing. In other words, a person who possesses good rhythm in their golf swing is one who repeats movements consist…

Mental Training for a better golf swing

Mental Training for a better golf swing Do you arrive at the golf course hoping your A game will show up that day? Or do you have a system for making sure your concentration will be zoned in? Players who give consistent performances know how to fine-tune their minds.
Here are ten mental strategies that can help you improve your concentration in golf.

1. Create A Pre-Zone Period: To get in the zone in the round, create the zone feeling in advance. At home, or away from the office, do 10-15 minutes of mental readiness preparation, including positive visualization, making a game plan, and positive thinking. Arrive at the course 20-30 minutes early to practice and gather yourself. When you have a strong mental game of golf, you will add this extra time to your golf experiences to guarantee your mind works for you, …